As adventurers, we are often at the mercy of Mother Nature. Before you start your adventure it is important to make sure external factors such as weather, trail and wave conditions, and other environmental aspects of your adventure are safe. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

In the event that one or more of these conditions aren’t safe for adventuring, you should postpone or cancel your adventure session. Make sure to let all your participants know via messenger that your adventure session has been canceled.

In the event of an emergency

If there is any type of emergency while on your adventure, call 911 immediately. Follow their instructions to ensure the safety of yourself and your participants.  


If the conditions are not ideal or seem unsafe in any way, cancel or postpone the adventure. It's not worth the potential of someone getting injured due to hazardous weather.


As an Aide, it's your responsibility to gauge participants limits and capabilities for your adventure. It's important to ask each participant about any limiting injuries, illness, or medical conditions you should be aware of. 

If you see a participant struggling or uncomfortable, it's your job to pull aside that person to make sure he or she is ok. If the participant isn't ok you must take the appropriate action to ensure their wellbeing and safety.

Gear and equipment

If you are supplying equipment or even if you rent beforehand from a local shop, make sure equipment is in good condition. 

Additionally, make sure all of your participants have the proper safety gear necessary for your adventure.  

Be prepared

As a guide and leader, it's your responsibility to provide an adventure that is both fun and SAFE. 

We recommend having easy access to a first aid kit and extra water/snacks for participants in the event of an accident or emergency.

Sometimes things happen

If you feel uncomfortable at all on an adventure, you should politely end the adventure and contact AA to report a claim.

Other Resources (links to helpful first aid info)

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