How The App Works 

Home View
Find scheduled sessions in your area.  After you choose a specific adventure, select "choose a day and time" to view sessions that are available. Available sessions will be indicated by a dot below the date on the calendar. 

  • To adjust your location and radius, click on the top right corner of the home view. 
  • None of the sessions work for you? Request a Session by choosing a date and time that fits your schedule. Aides will either accept or deny pending their availability.

Explore View
Our Explore view is where you will see all adventures in your area. Newest adventures will be featured at the top of your feed. 

  • Decide what adventure you are looking for in the following categories - water, city, mountain, fitness & wellbeing or unique.
  • Adventures just for you - Choose what you want to get out of your next adventure by selecting unique themes.

The journal is where you can find all the adventures you have joined in the past, present or future.

In-app Messenger
Our in-app messenger is designed to make it easy for you to contact your Aide and other participants in your group. You will receive a notification when you have a new message in your inbox.  

  • Not a fan of group messages? No problem. Our mute button in your messenger will turn off all group message notifications for that adventure.
  • Archive messages - If you’re done with a conversation, slide the message left and mark as done.
  • Message Adventure Aide - Have questions about the app, technical difficulties, or have an idea? Use the in-app messenger and reach out to the Adventure Aide Crew.

Profile View
The Adventure Aide profile includes your photo and a short bio about yourself. 

  • See how many adventures you've completed.
  • Check out your hours spent outdoors for the week.
  • Access the friends you have made along the way (aka connections). 
  • The settings gear icon at the top right corner allows you to update your payment info, turn on/off notifications, locate the help center, contact us, read about the cancellation policy and more. 
  • If you have been approved as an Aide, use the "Switch" tab at the top left corner to flip from your participant profile to your Aide profile. 

We provide in-app payment to take the hassle out of booking. Just add your card or bank information when you sign up. 

Each Aide will specify in their adventure description what equipment will be provided. It's important to know what equipment you will need to bring yourself. If something isn't clear, feel free to message your Aide for clarification. 

It's always a good general rule of thumb to bring water and wear closed toed shoes unless otherwise specified. 

To cancel a session go to your journal. Under upcoming adventures click the session you want to cancel and scroll to the bottom. There, you will see a cancel option. You must cancel no later than two hours before the adventure starts to receive a full refund. 

Rating an Adventure
Your feedback is important to us!

  • After each adventure, you will be prompted to rate your experience. 
  • Rate your Aide 1-5 stars, and add a review.
  • Our rating system helps us know how each Aide is doing, and also gives future participants the proper expectations of that experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get details about the adventure?
You can always review the adventure details in your Journal under “upcoming” and/or you have the ability to message the aide with any questions you may have.

What does it mean when my request is "pending"?
The Aide has not yet accepted your request to book a private adventure session. When the Aide accepts your booking request, you will receive a confirmation email and your adventure will be added to your journal.

What if I have a specific question regarding an upcoming adventure?
Feel free to message the Aide with any questions or concerns regarding an upcoming adventure. 

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