Adventure Aide is not only a tool to help people create unique adventures, but it's also a platform to share those adventures with others who are passionate about outdoor experiences. Learn more about what it means to be a successful Aide and things to consider when leading your adventure.

Adventure Foundations

Get Creative 

Your adventure is an extension of who you are and what you love to do. We want your adventure to reflect that. Make it unique. Make it fun. Make it unforgettable. 

Get Social

Meeting new people and sharing your passions, that's what Adventure Aide is all about. Create new connections, have meaningful conversations, make new friends!

Get Outside 

We believe the simple act of going outside and getting active can increase feelings of fulfillment. Even if some of what you offer takes place indoors, try to center your adventure around the goal to experience the outdoors together in new ways.

The Do’s 

Make it unique. Make it fun. Make it unforgettable

Your adventure is an extension of who you are and what you love to do. We want your adventure to reflect that. As an Aide, you have the opportunity to provide a completely original experience, share your knowledge, access and expertise with others. If you haven't already, check out the guide to Creating your Adventure.

Set clear expectations for participants

Your adventure description should always match the experience you are providing. This is important not only so participants know what they’re getting into, but also so you aren’t held liable should anything happen during your adventure. 

What to bring, meeting location, and a thorough description of all elements of your adventure should be clearly stated in the details of your adventure. An awesome experience will inevitably lead to great participant ratings and review. These ratings help drive more people to your adventures and, in turn, make you more money.

Communication is key 

We conveniently provided in-app messaging so you can easily communicate with your participants. Participants may message you with any questions they have regarding your upcoming adventure, so make sure to respond to any and all questions as quickly and thoroughly as you can. 

Before your adventure begins, make sure to give your participants a brief overview of the adventure and what to expect.

We’ve also found it important to be overly explicit about the meeting place and any other specifics you believe would allow the adventure participants to have the best experience possible. Things like what you’ll be wearing, where to park, and what to bring are all helpful for those signed up for your adventure. 

Be reliable and stay committed  

Always show up to your adventure a little early (10 or 15 minutes). This not only gives you some time to prep for the adventure, but ensures there is plenty of time for everyone to find you and the meeting place. If you have to cancel the adventure session for any reason, make sure to give at least 2 hours notice to those signed up. Learn more about cancellation policy below.

Show pride and professionalism

It’s important that you are professional in addition to being friendly and fun. It’s your job to ensure participants on your adventure have an epic time, no matter what the adventure is. Being professional isn’t just about the way you talk and act, it’s about being informed, experienced, and safe throughout the entire experience. 

Go above and beyond  

Provide an experience people will never forget!  Whether that means sharing some insider tips or incorporating a brunch after yoga. It’s the little things that make the experience truly unique and meaningful. 

People really appreciate when you go the extra mile. This not only makes you an Aide people want to book again, but also leads to recommendations, good ratings, and an overall great reputation as an Aide. 

Know the safety limits

As an Aide, it’s your job to make sure everyone is having a good time, which also means being safe, knowing the limits of your group, and staying within the safety boundaries. 

In case something does happen, it’s always a good idea to have a first aid kit to address minor injuries and assist while help is on the way for major accidents. Learn more about Safety Tips in the guide below.

Understand the insurance policy

We want you to feel confident and assured that you are covered under the Adventure Aide insurance policy. It is a great idea to inform yourself about our insurance policy so you can explain how your participants are covered on an adventure. Click the link below for further information on the Adventure Aide insurance policy. 

The Dont’s

Have someone substitute in for you on your adventure.

This is your adventure, aka only you should be leading it! If you won’t be able to make it, it’s important you cancel your adventure at least 2 hours beforehand. 

Allow someone to come on the adventure who did not sign up.

This is to make sure you are covered and so are we! It’s important all adventurers are signed up through the app for safety and security reasons. Feel free to bring your phone along so anyone that does show up can book through Adventure Aide.  

Allow a participant to pay with cash.

Even though it may seem easier at the time, the exchange of money outside of Adventure Aide is against our policy. All participants should be signed up and paid before the adventure begins. Learn more about how payment works below.

If you have questions about the Aide Handbook or need general assistance, feel free to reach out to our in-app messenger and someone from our crew will be there to help.

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