If you're interested in planning an Adventure Aide meetup in your area, here is a list of steps to follow to successfully plan, promote and host your meetup. 

STEP 1: Pick a date

**If you plan on running meetups on a monthly basis, pick a day of the week that works well for you so you can organize a meetup consistently on that same day every month. (Ex. Every third Tuesday of the month)

STEP 2: Pick a place to have your meetup such as a brewery, the beach, a hiking trail, a park, etc.

STEP 3: Become an Aide (if you aren't already)

  • Go to your profile > settings > Lead Adventures. This will take you through the Aide sign-up process.

**If you don't see a tab that says "Lead Adventures" in your settings, chances are that you're already an Aide! You can switch to the Aide side by going to your profile, then clicking the little "A" icon in the top left hand corner. (Pro tip: the user side profile has green buttons and the Aide side profile has blue buttons)

STEP 4: Create the adventure

  • Go to your profile on the Aide side (which has the BLUE buttons, not green) and click the "New Adventure" button
  • Follow the template and fill in the necessary information for your meetup
  • Click submit and someone from our crew will review your adventure and advise you to make changes if necessary.

For tips and tricks on how to create a stellar adventure, click the button below.

STEP 5: Once your adventure is approved, add a session for the chosen day and time

  • Click on the calendar icon at the bottom of the screen on the Aide side
  • Choose the day, click add session then set the time and click finish

STEP 6: Promote your meetup!

  • Send the link to the session out to your friends and family
  • Post the link in your bio on your social media
  • Post to your stories to let people know about it
  • Request marketing materials

STEP 7: Become an Adventure Aide expert so you can deliver accurate information to people about what exactly Adventure Aide is and what we offer.

  • Check out the FAQ's and other help center articles
  • Know how the app works and be able to answer questions people may have.If people give you suggestions for improvements, feel free to write them down to send over later

STEP 8: Host your meetup, have fun and make some new friends!

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