Be Reliable 

  • Show up to your adventure a little early (10 or 15 minutes). This gives you some time to prep and ensures there is plenty of time for everyone to find the meeting location.
  • If you need to cancel your adventure session due to inclement weather, please be sure to cancel at least two hours before the start time. You also may want to follow up with your participants explaining why you had to cancel and when you plan to reschedule. 

Be Mindful

  • Be aware of your environment, the experience levels of your participants, and any other specific needs regarding your adventure.
  • Be prepared for the most unlikely situations by carrying the appropriate supplies deemed essential for your adventure i.e. extra water, food, a first aid kit, sunscreen, trash bags, etc. 

Exceed Expectations

  • Give, give, give. Think about the best customer experience you ever had. How can you add that kind of value to your adventure?
  • Go the extra mile. Providing a memorable experience will keep participants coming back, as well as spreading the word about your adventure. Be yourself, make it unique and keep it fun. 

Be Patient 

  • Nobody achieves success overnight. Set some goals, put some time in and enjoy the journey. When you reach those small wins, you will start to feel the momentum.
  • Finding the power of patience will set you apart from the rest. Building a mindset around patience helps to stay realistic and motivated.  

If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out through the in-app messenger. 

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