Timing is key

Add multiple days to your calendar in the first month of being approved. Try a variety of days and times to see when people are most likely to join. Don't be afraid to test, tweak and switch things up based on how your adventure is performing. 

Experiment & see what works best

Invite your friends and family on a test adventure to get initial feedback. Discover what people enjoy most about your adventure, and how to create a truly unique experience. 

Don't forget to let people know that they can request a session around a day and time that works for them. 

Find your sweet spot

Jumpstart your bookings by lowering your price. We’ve found this to be an effective strategy to attract initial participants so they can see how cool your adventure is! 

Once you establish a solid foundation of ratings and reviews, try raising your price incrementally to find the sweet spot. 

We've got your back

After your first adventure session, look for an email from our crew, we like to check in to see how it went!

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