Becoming an Aide and hosting your own unique adventure gives you the freedom to share your passions with others. With this opportunity comes the awareness to know the rules and regulations of your surrounding city and county. The Adventure Aide Crew is here to help in any way we can, but ultimately the responsibility of staying aware of these regulations is up to you. 

Which local laws apply to my adventure?

Each city, county and state have their own set of local laws and permitting rules which you must abide by. For example, if you are leading a mountain bike tour in a state park you may need to make a reservation or obtain a permit.

Stay aware and be responsible:

  1. Some adventures may require additional licenses, permits or insurance. Think about the area in which you are hosting your adventure, level of difficulty, and type of adventure (water, city, mountain, fitness & well-being, or unique). Each type will have different regulation requirements according to the area. 
  2. If your adventure involves food, alcohol, or transportation please be aware of any special certifications or license requirements. 
  3. You may need to obtain a business license by registering as a business with your local government. 
  4. Know the tax system. You may be required to pay personal income tax, business property tax, or sales tax. 

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