Until Next Time 

Remind your group of your upcoming sessions. This is a great way to encourage your participants to tell their friends and family about your next adventure. You can even show them how to use the share button within the app. With this feature your group can share their adventure on Facebook, or text a group of their friends.

Continue The Adventure 

Spontaneous moments make for a truly memorable experience. Keep the party going by inviting the group back to your house for a BBQ, showing them around town to your favorite bar or coffee shop, or plan something for the future. We love giving people the opportunity to connect in real life, establish a common bond and develop a friendship through adventure. 

Encourage Feedback

Asking for feedback is a form of listening. It provides valuable insight helping you improve your adventure and listen for things people enjoyed or may have done differently. If you don't feel comfortable asking in person, remind your group to leave a rating or review. The best time for this is right at the end of your adventure - in the thrill of the moment. Good ratings and reviews will help your adventure move into the most popular category giving people the ability to find your adventure.

Be our Ambassador

There are many ways to get involved with Adventure Aide. Help us tell others about them. Whether it is leading an adventure of their own, applying to be an official brand ambassador, or promoting your group to come to the next Adventure Aide event, we appreciate you looking out for us. We value your energy and excitement, and could not grow the community without you. 

Share the Stoke

Unfortunately we can’t go on every adventure, which is why we want to live vicariously through you! If you decide to post a photo, video, or blog about your adventure don’t forget to tag us, @adventureaide. We love seeing all the awesome adventures you are on! Click the link below to learn more about sharing your adventure with us. 

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