The Adventure Aide Crew uses the following checklist to review and approve each new adventure.

1. Is your adventure unique?

The proposed adventure is special, original and/or multifaceted. The best adventures are unique compared to the other experiences in that area or location. 

2. What access do you provide? 

The Aide brings at least one of these elements to their experience: local knowledge, equipment, or access to a special location

3. What is your adventure's difficulty level?

The difficulty level is congruent with the adventure so participants know what to expect.

  • Beginner: Participants have no prior experience on your adventure type.
  • Intermediate: Participants need some form of prior experience.
  • Advanced: Participants have over a year of experience and can keep up.
  • Expert: Participants have multiple years of high-level experience. 

4. Have you considered a price?

Be sure the price is fair for the adventure that you are offer. Click the button below to view the adventure pricing guide.

5. How are the quality of your photos? 

Photos accurately depict your adventure. All photos must be high resolution and original (non-stock photography). Click the button below to view our photo guidelines. 

6. Is your bank account linked?

If the adventure costs money, be sure to link your bank account. To add your bank account, click on your Aide profile under settings, “Get Paid".

7. Approve or updates needed 

Someone from the Adventure Aide Crew will reach out to you within 48 hours to approve your adventure or require that updates be made. Once approved, we will email you to set up a success phone call so we can get to know you better, and answer any questions you may have. 

We have the right to remove you and your adventure from our platform at any time, and therefore we ask you to act in the best interest of our Aide service agreement.

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