Here at Adventure Aide, we review every person who wants to lead an adventure. We want to ensure that every potential Aide is passionate, excited, and qualified to lead their adventure. Once an Aide is approved he or she will receive an approval email notification.

1. Profile Review 

We want to learn about who you are and what you do. Tell us about your experience in the outdoors. Be as thorough as possible to increase the likelihood of approval without the need to make any updates. While we review, be sure to read the Aide Handbook, Aide FAQs and Aide Service Agreement. 

2. Updates

 If updates are needed, someone from the vetting department will contact you directly. Additional information needed may include: update bio description, provide further details of qualifications, expand on leading experience, provide copy of certifications, update photo, etc. 

3. Approval

Once the Adventure Aide crew reviews your profile and updates are made (if any), you will be approved as an Aide. You will receive a confirmation email and be asked to set up a phone call with a crew member to explain how to add your first session and lead your adventure on the platform. 

After you are approved as an Aide you will have full access to the Aide side of the app. Each new adventure you submit will go through an additional review process. Please click the link below to view the adventure review and approval protocol. 

We have the right to remove you and your adventure from our platform at any time, and therefore we ask you to act in the best interest of our terms and conditions, as well as the Aide standards.

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