Adventure Description

Here are some best practices to consider when writing your adventure description. Keep it concise but be sure to include as much information as possible. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of major sections we recommend including as you create your adventure. Have fun with it!


Describe what makes your adventure special or unique. If you had to tell a stranger about your adventure, how would you describe it? Sum up your adventures in 1-2 sentences. Use words that communicate inclusion and will draw people in. i.e “Join us” or “Come along”. 

Be sure to include the overall scope of the experience. This should make the person want to learn more about your adventure. 

What we will do

The more details, the better. Here’s where you can get specific and set expectations. Include the overall plan, activities involved and the general flow of the adventure. 

This can be broken down into several paragraphs depending on the length of the itinerary. For a multi-day adventure, it's best to break up the days by individual paragraphs. 

What's included

Try to provide special equipment, access to a location, food or anything else that's usually hard for guests to get on their own. Consider providing anything else that would enhance the experience or make your guests have a memorable adventure.

What to bring

Let your guests know what to bring. This will help them properly prepare for your adventure. It will also reduce the amount of questions that come up before the adventure starts. List items such as 2-3 liters of water/person, sunscreen, closed-toed shoes or sleeping materials. 

If there’s any required permits such as fishing permits or prior preparation on their part, this is a great space to include that. 

Additional Notes
This is open to reiterate any other key information such as specific meetup information and directions, weather considerations or if prior experience is needed.


Single Day Adventures
Check out some examples of Single Day adventure descriptions. A Single Day adventure is anything from a 30 minute city run to a full day excursion.

Multi Day Adventures
Check out some examples of a multi-day adventure descriptions. A multi-day adventure is an experience with more than one day such as backpacking or camping.

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