Roster Check-in 

Check in your participants before you cover the overview of your adventure with the group. To start the check in process go to session clipboard > upcoming session > roster > confirm who is here or a no show. 

This ensures everyone who signed up is accounted for. Check out the screen below to see what the check in looks like on the app.

Ensure your participants book your adventure through the app.

Not all people will understand the purpose of booking your session through the app. Below are some canned responses to encourage people to download and sign up for your adventure.

Common Objections

"Not enough room on my phone - out of storage" - Can you delete another app on your phone to free up some space? Just until the adventure ends.

"The app isn't working"
- Contact customer support through the in-app messanger and they will take your information.

What's the point of the app if I already know where the meet up location is?

  • For participants to sign the booking agreement and liability waiver.
  • To ensure participants are covered by Adventure Aide insurance if anything happens.
  • Enables you as the Aide to message participants directly for any upcoming sessions.
  • Aide earns post adventure ratings and reviews.
  • Keeps a record of your total bookings and connections made.

What to consider before the start of your adventure. 

Break the Ice

Before you get started, it’s always a good idea to introduce yourself to each person individually. We also recommend sharing a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with your adventure. Why do you love it? Check out an example of an introduction below:

"Hey, my name is Jerry and I’ll be your Aide for the day. I am an avid hiker and have been living in Santa Barbara for 10 years, exploring all the trails along the Central Coast. I love hiking because it’s so accessible and it’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air."

What your participants should expect on your adventure

Provide an overview of your adventure

Provide a general overview of the adventure, covering details such as: how long the adventure will take, how many participants joining, and an overview of the environment (wave/trail/rock conditions), and any other elements of your adventure. Some people may need more attention and information than others. Make sure to identify any first timers who have never experienced your type of activity. Check out an example below.

“On today’s adventure we will hiking up to the top of Bishop Peak. There’s 5 of us total, and it should take us less than 2 hours to get up and back. For those that haven’t hiked it before, just beware the trail can get a little rocky towards the top, so take your time! I’ve got extra water and snacks for the top in my backpack.”

Educate your group & cover the bases

Whether you’re leading a surf lesson, bouldering demo or an MTB ride, make sure you educate your participants on the basic skills needed for your adventure and how each piece of equipment works. Set your participants up for success by communicating early and often. 

Let your participants know they are covered by Adventure Aide's insurance in case they are injured while on your adventure. Check out the Aide insurance policy below. 

Last minute reminders before you begin

As the Aide, make sure to communicate to your participants that you’re there to help. Demonstrate the following:

  1. Trust me - "I’m here to help and make sure things run smoothly and safely"
  2. Be vocal - "Let me know of any discomforts, injuries, or precautions"  
  3. Show respect - "Be mindful of others and the natural surroundings"
  4. Have fun! - "Enjoy the fresh air and introduce yourself to the rest of the group." 

Post adventure follow up

You did it! Job well done. Make sure to say thanks to your participants and invite them back for next time! You can also...

  • Remind them to leave you a rating and review in the app
  • Recommend your favorite places to eat, stay or hang out in the area
  • Suggest they tell their friends, grandma, barber, or future Tinder dates

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