Adventure Aide isn’t just an outdoor company, we are a community of unique individuals with a multitude of different passions. 

As a member of the Adventure Aide community we want you to not just be a part of our community, but to also share with our community.

We want to tell your stories and share your adventures through creative content. That’s why we’re asking you to send us your photos and videos so we can feature them on our social media channels.

What We’re Looking For

High quality adventure photos:

  • Showcasing outdoor adventure
  • 2 or more people in the photo is ideal
  • Authentic and not over-edited

Photos or short videos of your outdoor adventures for Instagram stories:

Doesn’t have to be from an actual Adventure Aide session, it can be from anything outdoor you love doing!

  • Vertical format
  • Fun and casual
  • Includes people, you or other people talking about the adventure or the location
  • 15 seconds or less or multiple 15 second clips

Story telling:

When submitting your high quality adventure photos include 2-3 sentences about the photo that tell an interesting story about you, the location, the type of adventure, or how Adventure Aide has had a positive impact on your life.

For Instagram Stories combine a series of 15 second videos and/or photos to tell a story. Be creative with the features by including the use of stamps and captions to enhance the story.

If you create an Instagram story on your account you can easily save the entire story and send that to us to feature.

How to Get Your Content Featured

Send your photos, videos and stories directly to our Social Media Coordinator, Jenny Gibson at

Make sure to include links to your social handles so we can give you credit.

How to Join the Adventure Aide Community on Social Media

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

Tag us (@adventureaide) on your Instagram posts and Instagram stories.

Use the hashtags: #adventureaide #outofoffice and #gone_______ (insert outdoor activity)

Connect with other community members by engaging with people who tag us and use our hashtags.

We’re looking forward to seeing your adventures and sharing them with the Adventure Aide community!

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