What does it mean to be an Aide?

  • Create and lead your own adventures
  • Get paid to share your outdoor passions
  • Set your own price
  • Choose your own availability
  • Message your participants
  • Manage bookings and session requests
  • Ratings & reviews all in one place
  • Access to our Content Crew (photographer and videographer)
  • Insurance coverage
  • Social Media strategy and support

How does insurance work? 

We’ve got you covered! Our insurance policy makes sure you’re protected in case participants are injured during your adventure. You are covered up to $1,000,000 per occurrence in the event of a claim of bodily injury and up to $1,000 for urgent medical care. Our insurance policy will only act as the primary insurance coverage related to Adventure Aide adventures. To read through the policy, learn more about the Insurance Policy below.

How does payment work?

All transactions are processed through Adventure Aide's in-app payment system so you don't have to worry about security or any awkward exchange of cash or IOUs between you and your participants. We take a transaction fee for every booking. Learn more about how payment works below.

When do I get paid?

As an Aide, the money that you have earned won't be transferred to your bank until 4 hours after the end of the adventure duration. Depending on your bank, the money won't be transferred into your account for 7-10 business days after the adventure.

How do I price my adventure? 

When deciding the price of your adventure, a few things you should think about.

  • Duration of the adventure
  • Your experience level
  • Is gear needed? You will most likely want to factor rental costs into the price of your adventure
  • Competitive pricing. Check out local companies and rental shops to see what they charge for similar experiences, then factor in the additions that make your offering unique.
  • Finally, how much would you be willing to pay for this adventure?

Can I update or change my price after I've created a session?

Once you create a session, pricing details should not be changed or altered. If you need to update your adventure, cancel your session, or edit your adventure details then you will have add a new session to the calender.

If participants have already booked, you may want to message them that you made a mistake and politely ask them to book your new session.

What should I include in my adventure descriptions?

Your adventure description should be detailed and thorough. Make sure to describe what’s included, gear requirements, parking situations and where to meet. Being as thorough as possible will help future participants understand what they are paying for and what to expect from the experience. Check out other adventures on the app or read some examples in the article below.

Do you have photo guidelines?

The photos you use for your adventure is one of the most important aspects, as it is a visual representation of the experience you offer. You can choose up to 5 photos and should represent the following as closely as possible.

  • High resolution image
  • Pics with people 
  • Pics at the location 
  • Wider angle images are better so people can see more

As an Aide, can I cancel my session?

You can cancel any of your upcoming sessions up to two hours before the scheduled adventure. Whether it’s personal or weather related, we encourage you to message your participants directly to communicate the cancellation. This way, you can suggest a different session for them to book in the future.

If last minute cancellations become a consistent theme, Adventure Aide will review your status as an Aide and determine if a suspension is needed. 

What is the cancellation policy for participants?

A participant can cancel two hours before and receive a full refund. Within the 2 hour window, participants will not receive refund.

How do I tell people about my adventure?

There are a number of ways to market your adventure. Our team has come up with some helpful tips for you to get the most out of being an Aide. Learn more in the article below.

How do I share my photo and video content with Adventure Aide?

We love to grow our community of outdoor-lovers and adventure junkies. We want to tell your stories and share your adventures on social media and in our conversations with new Aides. Learn more at the link below.

How do participants book sessions?

There are two ways participants can book your adventure. Each one has a different flow of payment.

  1. Scheduled sessions - Join a session that is already added to the calendar. Participants can view these sessions on the home feed by choosing any day of the month that they may be interested in joining an adventure.
  2. Requested sessions - When you turn on private sessions, participants can request to book your adventure at a day and time of their choosing outside of the sessions you create. It's totally up to you to accept or deny the session request. As the final step in the booking process, the participant will need to confirm the request to complete the transaction.

How do I check in participants? 

It is crucial that you check in your participants at the beginning of an adventure to ensure everyone is accounted for. Go to your adventure session in the app and click the roster link. There you will see a list of participants and the option to check in or set as no show. Checking in your participants also gives you a reference for payment. Below is an example of what the check in screen looks like.

Can participants book my session after it begins?

Yes! Participants can book all the way up to 15 minutes into an adventure's start time.

Is my profile reviewed before I can lead an adventure?

Our team reviews every Aide's application to ensure Experience bio is complete and that each person has provided the appropriate information, qualifications, and/or certifications to lead their specific adventure. 

How do adventure approvals work?

Our team meets daily to review each new Aide and adventure that is submitted. We will notify you within 48 hours if you are approved or if further updates need to be made before approval.

Once the first adventure is approved, Aides can create as many adventures as he or she would like. Click the link below to learn more about our review and approval process. 

How do you add or change payment & bank?

  • As an Aide: When you create an adventure, it's up to you to decide to charge participants or keep your adventure free. It you choose to charge, you must add your bank account in the settings tab before your adventure is approved.
  • For your participants: If participants book an adventure, they must connect their credit card in the settings tab or they can add payment upon booking an adventure.

What are the Aide quality standards?

  1. Go Above & Beyond: Exceed expectations, be knowledgeable, display expertise, bring the energy, and always do your best.
  2. Be Reliable: Show up, be attentive, be dependable, lend a hand, be a communicator, and follow through with your adventure.
  3. Be Mindful: Make smart decisions, respect your surroundings, set a good example, ask questions, be responsible, and always leave the outdoors better than you found it. 
  4. Get Creative: Encourage exploration, be original, be unique, show off what you love and let your passion be inspiration.

For more tips on how to be an awesome Aide, check out the article below.

Common sense safety 

Inevitably, when we do things outdoors, we run the risk of getting injured. If there is any type of emergency while on your adventure, call 911 immediately. Follow their instructions to ensure the safety of yourself and your participants. Click the link below for some important safety tips to be aware of as an Aide.

Do I need any certifications to lead an adventure?

All adventures are unique and have different expectations to effectivley lead others. During the sign-up process in the app, we would like to know your experience within the theme of your adventure. Things to consider:

  • Do you have knowledge in your adventure type?
  • Do you have any specialized certifications?
  • Do you have any general experience leading others? Even including times you have led friends or family is helpful to include.

If I'm denied, can I submit another adventure?

Absolutely! Some suggestions for you:

  • Attend another adventure in your area to get a feel for what it means to lead
  • Get some more experience under your belt or research if their is any certifications needed in your field of interest
  • Submit a different adventure that you have a passion for 
  • Come to our next community event to learn from others

What is the employment relationship with Adventure Aide and how are taxes handled?

Aides are considered independent contractors and will receive a 1099 form to file your taxes from Braintree which is a secure platform owned by PayPal which manages all payment transactions. Earnings over $600 must be reported at the end of each year. To learn more, review the Aide service agreement below.

What does it mean to be removed as an Aide?

Our community is important to us and all the people within it. If a participant reports a claim and it breaches our terms of conditions or Aide standards, both you and your adventure will be removed from our platform. 

All claims are reviewed independently of each other and determines on a case by case basis. To file a claim, email us at info@adventureaide.com

If you have questions about the review process or need general assistance, feel free to reach out to our in-app messenger and someone from our crew will be there to help.

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