Our Mission 

Create a place to connect individuals, share passions, and encourage discovery in order to inspire a more meaningful existence for us all.

What We’re All About

Adventure Aide is a concept that doesn’t work without the support of our community. We’ve provided the platform, but we need the hikers, surfers, climbers, and bikers to believe in our mission and share their passions too. Together, we can create a more active, exciting, and adventurous life for all. 


An Adventure Aide Ambassador is someone who loves and appreciates the outdoors as much as we do. As an Ambassador, you will represent Adventure Aide in your community in many different ways. Below we have outlined how you can promote Adventure Aide and be a successful brand Ambassador. 


  • Grow the Adventure Aide community 
  • Reach potential Aides  
  • Reach potential users
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Collectively build the Adventure Aide brand


Find potential Aides

  • Uncover passionate people in your local community 
  • Share the Adventure Aide concept with them
  • Ask for feedback 
  • Download and showcase the app
  • Answer questions
  • Give them a high five!

Find Users  

  • Drive people to the Adventure Aide app to see what the hype is about
  • Help them download and create an account
  • Answer any questions 
  • Encourage them to book an adventure! 


Write for the Blog

Share your love for the outdoors with our community through writing. We will share your thoughts and adventures through social media, our website and other marketing channels.

Use your social media networks to promote Adventure Aide
Share Adventure Aide news, events, and inspiration on social media is a great way to get our name out there and reach as many people as possible. 

Tag @adventureaide when posting on Instagram or Facebook

Takeover the Instagram
We are always looking for new content to share! Amateur or professional, feel free to submit stories, photos, or other content you think fits the Adventure Aide brand.   

Give us insights into what works and what doesn’t. As an Ambassador, you can also be a resource for Aides with questions or concerns. 


Adventure Aide App 

This is the link you can share with potential Aides and consumers for them to download the app. It's is an easy way to share the Adventure Aide app and get more people out adventuring (link is viewable on your Ambassador Dashboard). 



Continuously spread the word about Adventure Aide 

Attend monthly ambassador meet-ups

Share ideas, successes, and feedback with other Ambassadors



Being an Adventure Aide Ambassador has it’s perks…

  • Access to Ambassador Community Pages
  • Sneak Peak at New Features coming out
  • Invites to Ambassador only events 
  • Opportunities to collaborate on special projects
  • And more!  

We will be sponsoring Adventure Aide events and retreats throughout the year. As an Ambassador, you get first priority to attend. 

Our way of thanking you for the work you put in! Rewards will be given sporadically based on top monthly performers and stand out ambassadors really going the extra mile. 


What if someone I talk to is interested in being an Aide? 

That’s great! You can direct them to our website for more information on leading adventures or you can have them sign up as an Aide on the app and start creating their own adventure there. 

Can I be an Ambassador and an Aide? 

Of course! 

 What if I want to get more involved? 

If you would like to get more involved, please reach out to Rachel at roster@adventureaide.com or send her a direct message via the Ambassador Slack Group. 

 How do I find other Ambassadors in my area? 

To find other Ambassadors in your area, make sure you join the Adventure Aide Slack group. There, you will be able to find other Ambassadors in your area. Or you can reach out to Rachel via Slack DM or email her at roster@adventureaide.com to get connected. 

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