It’s time to get all your necessary items together and make sure your participants are prepared as well. The in app messenger is the best way to connect with your group to remind them what you will be bringing and what they need to bring to be successful and comfortable on your adventure. 

First and foremost, always show up to your adventure a little early (10 or 15 minutes). This not only gives you some time to prep for the adventure, but ensures there is plenty of time for everyone to find you and the meeting place.

Notifications turned "ON". 

  1. Go to your Aide profile in the app
  2. Tap the settings gear in the top right corner
  3. Select notifications
  4. Click the check mark to green 

Quick tips to consider before your adventure begins.

  1. Check the weather and let your group know what the temperature will be like so they can dress accordingly. 
  2. Let your participants know where to meet you. Use landmarks, buildings, trail heads or any other point of reference that are easy to locate.
  3. Let your group know what you will be wearing so they can easily spot you out of the crowd. 
  4. Share your enthusiasm with your group and let them know you are excited to meet them. Expanding your community and creating new relationships is what Adventure Aide is all about. 

To learn more about what to consider before, during and after your adventure, check out the Adventure Reminders guide below.

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