Ambassadors are the heartbeat of Adventure Aide. You help us spread the word, share your passions and elevate our community to the next level. Below are 4 best practices to lean on and reference throughout your time as an ambassador.

Live the life

Don't forget to get out there and enjoy the outdoors! Representing Adventure Aide means creating meaningful relationships, spending time outside, and doing what you love above all else. Engage with your community, and ours! 

Be creative

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. It often sparks when you least expect it. We encourage our Ambassadors to think outside the box and spin up unique ways to spread the word, grow our brand and share Adventure Aide with as many people as possible. We never want to limit your ideas so keep the creative juices flowing.  

Give it your all

Life sometimes gets busy and chaotic. Carving out time to maximize an opportunity isn't always easy. From our experience, we recommend blocking out some time at the start of each week to create a game plan on what you want to get done and determine the amount of hours you have available. The more you put in, the bigger the outcome. 

Provide feedback

You are our eyes and ears, and we need your help gathering feedback! Whether it's about the app, an adventure, or anything related to Adventure Aide, we want to hear from you. When we see our Ambassadors crushing it, our team can't help but get stoked and provide you more resources to keep the fire going.

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