In case of an injury during an adventure, our Aides are protected under the Adventure Aide insurance policy. 

Aides are covered up to $1,000,000 per occurrence in the event of a claim of bodily injury and up to $1,000 for urgent medical care. Our insurance policy will only act as the primary insurance coverage related to Adventure Aide experiences. To read through the policy, click on the Insurance Policy below.

Who is covered?

Every Aide and adventure is reviewed and grouped into one of three categories. We review each Aide's experience, background, and certifications; along with adventure difficulty, duration, and activity type. It is important for Aides to be as descriptive as possible when adding experience and the details of the adventure. This gives our team full understanding if you qualify for Adventure Aide insurance and to lead an adventure on our platform. Every Aide is required to read our Aide Service Agreement & Aide Handbook.

  1. Individuals - Some leadership experience needed. Have led friends, family, a community gathering or are currently in training. Include you are in training in your Experience bio.
  2. Experts - Some adventures may require Aide to have guiding experience and posess specialized certifications or extensive knowledge and competence. These submissions are handled on a case by case basis.
  3. Businesses - Some adventures require Aide to be an operating business and have their own insurance as their primary coverage. They have the option of using Adventure Aide's policy as their secondary insurance.

While nobody can eliminate all the risk of exploring the outdoors, we are committed to make sure that every Aide and participant has a safe and great time. As an Aide, you are protected for liability for injury to participants due to negligence. If you need to report a claim due to an injury, lost item, or misconduct please press the link below.  

If you have questions about insurance or need general assistance, feel free to reach out to our in-app messenger and someone from our crew will be there to help.

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